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Under SAFEMAX brand we offer wide range of Flame Retardant Polyurethane Foam, catering to transportation seating and insulation applications. Our material is manufactured in a continuous foaming process having homogeneous open cellular foam structure and is well de-aerated/ vented, clean and physiologically unobjectionable Depending upon the end user application and customer needs, we offer high quality polyurethane foam products with the primary objective of superior fire safety and best in class comfort for majority of public transport like Rolling stocks, Bus, Airplane etc.

Our innovative SAFEMAX portfolio includes polyurethane foam solutions for cushion/ couches, acoustic and thermal insulation for transportation such as Train, Buses, Trucks, special defence vehicles and many industrial applications and offers improved performance, safety, and longevity.

  • Our SAFEMAX-SFA cushion portfolio includes headrest, backrest, armrest, bottom cushions and mattresses for sleeper couches/berths and chair car seats. Our Polyurethane cushion material maximizes safety in combination with comfort and durability with the use of our advanced flame retardant formulation that are fully compliant with EN45545 -2 (HL 1-3).
  • Our R&D team is working round the clock to make further combinations as per new customer requirements.
  • Our Polyurethane foam are tested for 70 Kg/MtrĀ³ and 95 Kg/MtrĀ³ offering variety of benefits such as weight reduction, durability, etc.
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